When life is dancing….


Sometimes life prompts you to step out of the box and just enjoy its theatrical play. Please don’t think so much, take a break. I am a hiker, a…. but also a co-creator and I listen. I watch and go with the flow. I just let myself be. Afterwards, in order not to forget my role as an analyst, I look at everything under the microscope and especially the things that cannot be expressed merely by using words. Without further ado, I present Mr. Alex Hannold probably the best rock climber in the world.

Mr. Alex Hannold

Alex Hannold in Heaven (  Yosemite )
Alex Hannold in El Sendero Luminoso
Scale Yosemite’s El Capitan in Google Maps with Alex Honnold

What is important here is not that he plays Russian roulette with his life but his rock climbing style. His style and his energy resemble the properties of water: Calm and confident.  He uses his stance and his physical strength in a calm but very decisive way. This way is slow but very efficient and effective. It does not waste anything. Instead of strength, he leverages part of his body in a way that enables him to use the least amount of energy.

You could argue that all rock climbers are the same. Yes and no. Yes, because most climbers understand early in their career that power without technique doesn’t allow you to grow. No, because I have not seen many climbers with such a Tao way of climbing. To understand what I mean just watch the next video.

Rock Climbing China’s White Mountain With Abond

Although he is from China, (cradle of Eastern Philosophy) he leverages only his physical strength. He understands climbing as a brute force activity. How does the 2 climbers art differ?  How different is their climbing philosophy? You might say that I am comparing apples to oranges. Abond is from China without a long history of tradition in rock climbing against Alex is the top rock climber from California. Yes, there are apples to oranges but my observation remains true. Brute force can bring you some results but you can never gain significant peaks by just leveraging physical strength. This is the same as with brute force algorithms. Theoretically, Brute force algorithms are the best because they solve any problem finding the best possible answer. However, in reality, this is not feasible because they all need infinite time ( until the end of time) or infinite processing/storage power.

The next one is Marina Satti, a singer that creates amazing music and music videos.

Ms. Marina Satti

In this video, the whole existence is dancing. The crucial detail is not the dancing routine but the path to this quality, the path to this result. Her path was to become better in her art ( singing ) by signing traditional and some very popular songs from a different point of view, a modern perspective. Just Respect.

Μαρίνα Σάττι – Νιφάδα
Μαρίνα Σάττι – Κούπες | (Θα Σπάσω Κούπες)

This is like every new life, like every new idea, every new day. You see the old endless existence/universe with a new vision/ a different point of view. It is the same concept that advertiser Rory Sutherland discusses in his speech.

Last but not least an adaptation of song “Cupes” from Kanakis. Pure Joy!!

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