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* You may find this post weird. This was not my intention. It is just boring for me to write all the background information.

If  our lives are  just an other illusion ( technically māyā ).
if our own universe, our own everyday experience is just another mirror of ourselves.
Then this thought is again just another illusion, another trick.
However it is a great illusion. It is the ultimate illusion.The ultimate rule of the game.
The reason is that this rule gives you total freedom to play in your own way.
In this framework you are simultaneously the creator and  the player .
You are the referee and  the observer. You are the observer and the subject of  observation.
Do you know any better? Let me know if find out something  better.
If the universe was made in a different way then it would have to evolved into the one we are living in right now.


Watching a boring discussion

tennis 2

Same dance
back to front
Same dance
Up to down
Same dance
Left to right
Same dance
It is so boring
I am so bored
But this discussion, this dance is so familiar
My truth is true
My truth is the only truth, the only one
I am the only truth
It is a battle, it is a dance without substance
A perpetual nothing going nowhere
Like life in planet earth
Like the universe’s dance
Play, discuss, talk, shout, kiss and make love
Kill the synthesis because thesis and antithesis must be expressed
Extremes want to play

A friend from San francisco

 Katarina2353 from Flickr

Katarina2353 from Flickr

Happy to see you
Happy to talk to you
So many years
So much distance
The feeling is the same
The vibe is there
the aura unchanged
The more it changed
The more it remains the same
The more it remains the same
The more it is changing
Thank you
Keep walking
Keep exploring
Keep drawing
life in different time zones, in different colours, in different shapes
because life is life
and it is what it is
cannot be defined, only experienced




Someone A: There is so much injustice
Someone B: Yes there is.
A: This ….bla bla bla bla . That bla bla bla bla bla
B: Why would someone take the role of the victim? Have you seen Jesus or Socrates or Gandhi or Viktor Frankl thinking that they are victims.
A: You are comparing unequal people.
B: True and false.True I do and I don’t find it fair. However I am doing this to play the game by your rules. False, because these are all human beings and they didn’t see themselves as victims. We can act in a similar way. We are not victims but the creators of our own reality. Playing the role of the victim is a choice. I can understand that this is a difficult, hard, demanding, gruelling role. However we can drop our roles anytime we like. We can drop our egos anytime we see that they are not serving us. Because our whole life is a theatrical play. We choose our roles. We set, we create our perceptions towards the so called ” real facts” “real life”. From the minute we are born, we forget that we are playing this theatrical game. It wouldn’t be a game without forgetting everything.

So once more the real question is: Who are you?  Let’s remember it.  We can then change our roles. Victims are not so interesting roles to play.