Tech Utopia ,wealth, money and our new Industrial (tech) revolution


I love tech. I use it every day. However  there are some issues with rapid tech growth and job replacements due to new technology.  What are the issues with “Software eating everything”?

You can find some thoughts here. ” VCs On Inequality, Unemployment, And Our Uncertain Future “  .

I want to add some thoughts.

Thinking that tech will solve all our problems is like believing that monkeys having smartphones will learn how to read.

Tech is a useful tool. Sharing fairly the resources of our imagination and labour is a totally different problem. A problem of another dimension. Tech can make us more efficient. Tech alone cannot make us more effective, more wise, more happy, more ….

Alan Watts talks about it. His insights are amazing even  though they are made 30 years ago.

Full Video here


I love his insights. The cut a long story short.

  • Minimum income needed
  • The machines ( software) will pay the bills. We must share the profits between the community and the producers ( software organizations).
  • Protestant ethics or Christian ethics regarding jobs and wealth creation  is obsolete.
  • We are Psychologically in the 17th century and technologically in the 21st century
  • We need to change our attitude towards money, wealth, pleasure, nature of work

Even contemporary entrepreneurs would agree with Alan.