Christianity and Guilt


Humanity is in such an excellent state, taken into consideration that organized Christianity has institutionalized guilt. Actually Christianity regards Guilt as a virtue. It is like drinking poison every hour and still be healthy. We are born sinners, we live in sin and we die sinners, all except Jesus. Moreover Jesus died for our Sins. Although Jesus said we are all sons of God. Although Jesus never taught guilt, he only taught love. The biggest “broken telephone” game in history. Amen.

I would say “#$#$%##%# you” if I was of another age. However this game of guilt is like any other game. It is our choice to play this game or not. Guilt is only an illusion when you remember who you really are. So let’s observe this game and let’s play another one. Life is such a beautiful dance , such an amazing game.



PS: Food for thought in this video.

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