Man and God dialogue

Beach clouds

Man: Oh my God the light is so bright, so beautiful
God: Did you see how bright you are? I have created a bright playful man.
Man: Don’t be a liar. You haven’t created anything.
God: Ok do not be so harsh on me. I would like to feel useful sometimes. You know much better that I was “the  process” before the big bang. I am still “the process” after the big bang. I do not do anything so everything is accomplished on its own. I just observe.

Man: Why does the flower blooms?
God: The flower blooms to enjoy its colours
Man: Why does the flower have such an amazing aroma?
God: Because flowers love nice fragrances.
Man: Why do we like to run?
God: Because it feels wonderful when the air blows onto your face.
Man: What is purpose of your existence?
God: How am I supposed to know that.  As I said , I can only observe.

The godhead is never an object of its own knowledge. It’s always an endless mystery to itself. And this “I don’t know,” uttered in the infinite interior of the spirit, is the same thing as I love, I let go, I don’t try to force or control; it’s the same thing as humility. If you know that you truly don’t understand, then you understand. And the principle is, anytime you cease to cling to yourself, the energy you waste defending yourself is available and you are one with the divine principle. When you are trying to act as if you were god, you lose the divine energy. So the principle is, the more you give it away, the more it comes back. – Alan Watts

Man: Say something really interesting.
God: Are you telling me that you are bored now on planet earth ?
Man: You are right. I am bored because I am listening a boring professor speaking.
God: You are not bored. You are the source of boredom.
Man: Ok but don’t play the role of the teacher.You said that you are just the observer.
God: I do that. Sometimes though I express my opinion.
Man: Yes There are so many lunatics that pretend that have heard you.
God: They haven’t heard me. They have just heard their inner voice.
Man: Am I hearing the same voice ?
God: Whatever. You can make your own judgment. Do you think that I am talking to you? I am not

Man: What about when players have heard you?
God: The same.
Man: What about when politicians have heard you?
God: The same.
Man: What about when warriors have heard you?
God: The same.
Man: What about when preachers have heard you?
God: The same.
Man: Dude are you telling me that the whole universe is a cosmic masturbation? Everyone is talking to themselves?
God: You are not a poet. I would define this as an endless love. More precisely an eternal dance, an eternal love making, an eternal synthesis.

Man: Ok let somebody else write the poems. What is your dance right now?
God: I am a human couple.
Man: You are every couple. You are everything.
God: Do you want to hear, to dance or to disrupt my melody of senses ?

Feeling the sun,  the sea, feeling peaceful  in an empty beach during summer time. Nobody sees you except from the sun. The sun is warm but not too hot. A man and a woman look at each other. Enjoying a delicious meal and a peaceful sleep on the beach.

Man: ……
God: ……
Man: ……
God: ……

Man: God you seem human to me.
God:  Man you seem divine to me.



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