Someone A: There is so much injustice
Someone B: Yes there is.
A: This ….bla bla bla bla . That bla bla bla bla bla
B: Why would someone take the role of the victim? Have you seen Jesus or Socrates or Gandhi or Viktor Frankl thinking that they are victims.
A: You are comparing unequal people.
B: True and false.True I do and I don’t find it fair. However I am doing this to play the game by your rules. False, because these are all human beings and they didn’t see themselves as victims. We can act in a similar way. We are not victims but the creators of our own reality. Playing the role of the victim is a choice. I can understand that this is a difficult, hard, demanding, gruelling role. However we can drop our roles anytime we like. We can drop our egos anytime we see that they are not serving us. Because our whole life is a theatrical play. We choose our roles. We set, we create our perceptions towards the so called ” real facts” “real life”. From the minute we are born, we forget that we are playing this theatrical game. It wouldn’t be a game without forgetting everything.

So once more the real question is: Who are you?  Let’s remember it.  We can then change our roles. Victims are not so interesting roles to play. 


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