Light dark


Yesterday’s certainties, today’s uncertainties.
Yesterday’s uncertainties, today’s certainties.
light turned to dark,
dark turned to light,
Light defines dark,
dark defines light.
Up defines down,
down defines up.
if black is black because there is white
and if white is white because there is black
then black is not black and white is not white.
There is the system of black – white
the play of white – black,
the drama of black – white.
Now you see,
now you don’t see,
now you live,
now you don’t live,
now you dream,
now you don’t dream.
So then what are you?
Another play?
Another dance?
Another entity, another being, another existence?
Part of the whole
or the whole expressed in a part?
Does it matter?
Today no tomorrow yes.
let our play continue in the eternal here and now !
Where all the questions,all the answers are dancing so beautifully.

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